School Transport

As part of our company, we provide School Transport services for children.
Respectfully we are aware of how stressful it can be during early morning, mum/ dad’s getting ready for work, battling traffic, single handling all responsibilities, and the stress of ensuring your child/s reach school in time for lessons. And that is why our drivers come in handy to help you manage the stress every morning by safely transporting your child/s to school or college and home.

Talking about safety, all of our drivers are carefully handpicked, and not to forget are CBR checked and approved by the government and us. For your satisfaction, we ensure all of our drivers are professional, experienced, and punctual. Prestige Travel Group will transport your child regardless : the age to and from schools and colleges safely. Safety really matters to us hence our motto!

How are our School Transport offered?

The majority of the time the Milton Keynes council will offer a brief detailing of the needs and address of the child. It is then our job as the company to secure that offer. Once the contract is secured a member of our team will contact the guardian for a short meeting. (Please note this is briefly stated).

At times the legal guardian will call us to arrange a pickup and drop-off time for the passenger. A meeting is then set up with the guardian to confirm and exchange further details such as location, ID documents, and agreements. This will clear out any confusion before the journey. If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

We would be happy to assist! 

Please refer to our terms and conditions.