Courier Service

Prestige Travel Group operates 24/ 7 days a week. Previously stated we provide lots of different services and one of them is the Airport Transfer. As part of Prestige we are offering a Courier service for our local customers. A door to door service! Our reliable drivers will ensure your collection/ delivery is as quick as possible. All deliveries are directly made to your desire destination as described in the plan made at the start of the agreement. If for any reason any changes are made then you will be contacted directly.

What we do:

  • Medical Supplies/ Prescription
  • ¬†Picking or dropping off fragile parcels, electronics (sizes vary)
  • Carrying parts or spare parts
  • Urgent paperwork or documents etc.

We deliver all sorts of documents and sign and return same-day courier service.
Our Airport Courier service ensures; passport and lost luggage is delivered to all airports in the UK.
As part of our event courier service, we are able to assist you on your collection request depending on the size and quantity, deliver and take down your request.
It Equipment:
Prestige will deliver your technology and IT equipment to specialists or wherever you wish for it to be

*For pricing and terms and conditions please contact us.